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Evgeni Plushenko - I Just Wanna Fucking Dance.

There is no end to the Genius of this man even fooling around doesan amazing job! *What a gifted and lovely artist is Plushenko*

He ruined me completely! what can I say is easy to fall for him he’s so charming and talented ….

I let him rest for a while because I need my sleep….
though is been a pleasure and tons of fun watching him perform his art.
Hope you enjoy the video ;)

*Evgeni Plushenko - O Fortuna (Carmina Burana)*

I have read all kinds of lovely thoughts describing his amazing talent but this one I like the most so I’m taking the liberty of quoting isabel ross: 
Greatest ever in my opinion, for a lot of reasons, his technical brilliance, the way he changed the sport,his bravery. his sense of humour and artistry and the ability to laugh at himself, the amazing thing about Plushenko is he is the sort of genius that goes beyond his sport- people who know about skating and love it, love him but plush is the only skater I have seen to hypnotise those who don’t even like skating, he is a Nureyev in that way.
After watching as many videos of Plushenko as I can…all I can say is: My God! He’s beyond Brilliant! Goes without saing is a pleasure to watch him but I’m saing it anyways*eheh* Plus he’s so freaking charming and charismatic that is impossible not to fall in love with him. 
Hope I done some justice to the awesomness that is Plushenko.
Hope you enjoy it :)

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